‘Those who keep the diet according to the rules of nature, they live a healthy life by staying free from diseases.’
The highway to improve and increase health is to follow the orders of nature, to adopt a natural diet, to live a natural life. People who become unnatural, unnatural, artificial, pompous, and luxurious life become ill and only in short life they become inadmissible times.

All animals, animals, and birds, except humans, behave in the laws of nature. As a result, they do not have various kinds of diseases and they do not require Vaidya doctors. Animals which are fed by humans and constrained for unnatural diet, also fall ill and veterinary clinics have been opened for them. But there is no name of illness and weakness in animals and animals living in forests and plains, independently. Not only this, they are cured of themselves even when they are wounded and dumbfounded in an accident or a battle between themselves. Following the commands of nature is the best rule of health.

Study the animals living on the earth. Animals like the cow, buffalo, goat, sheep, horse, dog, cat, camel etc. live mostly in the company of nature, their food remains simple and natural, there is restraint in eating and drinking. Green fresh leaves of trees or plants, or fruits etc., redress their appetites, they remove their pastures from the water of the rivers and ponds and do the roaming during the rituals. Nature himself gives some secret orders according to period and season, their own tendencies lead them towards health. Nature is the mother who keeps them on the right track. If for some reason, they become unwell, then nature itself also starts treatment for them. Ever since the abdominal relaxation, sometimes the use of sunlight, massage, rubbing, soil, by fasting, sometimes by some celibacy, some animals and animals themselves go towards health.

Look at the birds. There are innumerable birds in the world. We see them flowing, fluttering, singing, joy-mongering around trees, their melodious songs radiate our heart. Their color, sense of humor, and body texture take our mind to heart. Who keeps them so beautiful, nimble concave? Who keeps the health of their health? Who teaches them lessons about health? And when it falls ill, then who does the drug? We did not see the birds die from illness due to famine. Most eat birds or other birds. They did very little by calling themselves sickness by their stupidity. They have the power to stay wholly healthy and have fun of health. Nature protects its body. Attempts to remove the toxins that are collected inside the body itself, hold complete control of the body’s culture.

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