Liberalization is done with incompetence and they are supported. Parents give their expectations and priority to them in facilitating their children. It is also reasonable and necessary too. But it is also certain that younger children are not married; Because they are not in a position to bear responsibility of wife. Similarly, they are not excited to be involved in any major competition, to handle large-scale business or to join the army; Because there is no bigger task than anyone in absence of inability. Then why should they be disrupted and ashamed? Even patient, elderly, the disabled, the underdeveloped, then cut their days. Who cannot afford their own burdens, where do they get the courage to do some great work in a difficult time? To say and think, Sheikh was very long, but his air palace could not have happened.


Innovation is a very important task. It is so important that beginning of a bright future is possible when it is formed, and if it does not happen, then the group of sunsets can foster both power and importance of living beings. This is a time that can be called historically, unprecedented. There is a selection of life or death in it. One of the destinies of drowning and crossing is going to occur these days.


Flow is flowing in the direction of destruction. This signature is clear. In so-called progress, he took away a lot with the help of his deceit, if a drunken-like heart has not left yet, then whoever is left, may also have to see the bad days of sitting down. In twenty-first century, if there is a chance for a bright future to come and sit on throne, then it should not be considered as an unprocessed prophecy by the Divines.


Even with the weakness of the inferiority-of-the-earthly power, continue to desire the truth, even then the work will be done. Seeing the time of retrograde stubbornness [your persistence and obstruction], remain absolute for some time, The vested selfish should remain so calm that in the time of change, his name should not be found in blacklist and should not be ashamed like the defeated resistance actors. The main role will be of those talents, whose traditions have expressed their dignity in reversing impropriety. To be included in the category of these creatures, these days will be considered as a surefire proof of spiritual progress-seniority.

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