Undoubtedly, those who keep their living according to the natural rules, their health is always good, and if there is a sudden event, then it can be treated well with normal treatment or without treatment. The ancient inhabitants of India used to live life only after being in the nature of nature. The Sages of that time often lived in forests and forests far away from the settlements, where no material could be found against nature. Then the rural people were self-sufficient in all respects and prepared simple things of their own needs. Therefore, there was no place for artificiality and flutter in his life.

Only in the big cities, whose number was negligible, some material could be found, and there were people who behaved in a similar way in nature and could have a sick person. If the use of the five elements in the previous pages has been mentioned, if you pay attention to it, and use those same methods when necessary, then our health may improve very much. Apart from this, the essential thing is that as a summary of some of the things that do not have the right to remain healthy and get sick, we give below-

(1) Light exercise is essential for you. In the morning in the morning, move with a sharp move, stirring both hands, take a sieve and walk a long distance. This jogging should be so much that the heat gets bigger in the body and it will be a little sweaty. This is the best exercise for the weaker men. With this, all blood trips are intensified, the parts of the body begin working properly.

(2) Take the cohesive sunshine of the morning on the body. It destroys the germs of diseases and receives the power of life.

(3) Apply oil gradually to the body before bathing. During summer, must use mustard oil and sesame oil in winter. Oil massage is a very useful exercise.

(4) You should take a bath in a place where the open air does not look like. By soaking a thick rough towel in water, gradually keep on rubbing the whole body for a long time, the skin becomes red and all the holes in the body open up; it causes the poisonous heat inside the body to come out and the skin and muscle exercises it happens. The sick man can bathe the towel with hot water lying on the couch and also friction bath without being soaked.

(5) Skip to breakfast. If you have to, take some thin things like milk, whey, lemon syrup etc. Have lunch at the appointed time twice in the afternoon and evening. Eat less than hunger. Cheer every gram so much that it feeds. The stomach should be kept a quarter empty. Drying his tomb with his teeth, eating the throats and mouthing like a goat all day long. Drink less water with food.

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