Here are a few other key points for healthy routines:
(6) Inadequate, delicious fruits, vegetables, and green food are our best doses. Those who cannot be eaten raw can eat them and boil green beans of the leaf. Dried fruits are also nutritious. If the boil is boiled in the form of porridge or slurry, then it remains light on the bread. Milk, curd, whey are all useful. Dried pods, dishes, desserts, chats, dumplings, burnt-roasted or more ghee, oils, and spices are absolutely harmless. Food should be fresh and clean or cooked.

(7) No matter of tea, milk etc. should not be hot and neither should be consumed with cold or cold mixed ice or ice, it also causes disorders in both tooth and intestine.

(8) Drink plenty of water. In days of winter, 5-6 glasses of water and 8-10 glasses of heat should drink at least. Water should not be drunk with a rider but sip, so that saliva of mouth can be found in a considerable amount. Other drinks like milk, whey etc. should also drink like this.

(9) Tea, tobacco, cannabis, opiates, hemp, alcohol etc., should be avoided by items such as hot pepper, garlic, etc., with stimulants and meat products such as meat fish. These things are about to spoil health. Even if they do not become completely abandoned, they should be able to do as much as possible.

(10) Fabrics should be worn as far as possible. Do not wear them. The body should always keep touching the air, do not cover your mouth and do not cry. The bed should keep drying in sun. Clothes touching such body should always be rubbed with sweat.

(11) The weak and the sick should live with ascetic-life so that power is accumulated. The lesser the work is, the better it is to be consumed.

(12) Laziness and extremely hard work are both bad. Excessive brain work has a bad effect on health. Anxiety, anger, fear, frustration, grief, restlessness, panic, jealousy, hatred, deceit and misery should be avoided because it cures health of those whose mind is in it.

(13) Fasting one day in week should be fast. Staying fast is best. If not, then it is also fasting to take light things such as fruit, milk etc. in a small quantity. If this is not possible then one can take cooked food in the water, porridge, salad etc. at one time. Drink plenty of water on a fasting day. If desired, add lemon, soda, salt or honey to the water.

(14) Buy an Anima device from the market or ask a doctor from here. After fasting for fasting, give warm water to the stomach by an enema after lukewarm water. After all the water should go into the stomach, ten to five minutes should be stopped. After that, the defecation should go away. This method cleans up the stomach very well. The root of diseases is in stomach. Due to absence of stomach, disease decreases instantly, and soon remedy is removed from root cause.

(15) The weak and the sick should try to take the time to complete the rest for some time. There is a lot of energy spent on daily activities. If it is saved, then the remaining power helps in removing disease.

(16) One should remain in open air and open light. The living house is such that the sun and the air can reach well. Due to good climate, impaired health improves. Care should be taken to clean body, mind, clothes, home, food items and other items used in it. Dirt is an enemy of health and a clean friend.

(17) The mind should be happy, the face should be swan-mouth, and the brain should be repeatedly tried. Many times a day when such an attempt is made, there is a habit of being happy, which is very useful for health.

(18) People have been habitual of festive eating habits till now, they should make a promise to leave them firmly and pray with a sincere heart and with a true heart that they help in fulfilling those promises.

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