There is abundance in nature, there is an abundance of every kind. It is so much of pleasure, health, and health that we cannot limit its limits. Because of that excess of health, many animals and animals of nature enjoy life, and by placing life elements from water, air, light, food, they rob the pleasures of long life. In the particles of nature, the leaves Health is full of fruits, plants and every drop of water. Each part of the air we pull in, every sip of water we drink, the health and the force in the particles of fruits and vegetables are stored for us. Nature has all the tools to keep life healthy overall. Nature is curious. According to their nature, interest, time, state of circumstance, every person creates life-force from animal, bird nature, whatever body he has received, makes him healthy and beautiful, keeps all his powers active is. There is everything in nature’s reservoir. Could honey be like honey ever? Could a nectar-like substance like milk be prepared in any chemical laboratory? Nuts, fruits, vegetables, sugarcane nature have produced this abundance that each organism becomes available in an appropriate amount according to its own interest. The snake gathers its venom, the bee raises honey lemon extends elements of mining from earth, then bitter gourd gathers bitterness. There is a law of hexamers in nature. A person who is interested in these he-goats keeps his health stable.

All means exist in order to fulfill any goal in nature. You do not need external therapies. You can collect all the tools for the work you like. Like herbs, nutritious substances, Divine substances are stored for us. From soil to sunlight, water, air, sun-ray etc. it has been given the power to make our body strong and healthy.

There is real beauty in nature. Nowadays, men or women with the weight of fashion, they look beautiful and do not appreciate them. This is only an illusion. The real beauty is in a fully developed, healthy and healthy body. The natural beauty is in each pup and muscle. The red-red blood circulates in the body of a young man or woman, whose body is present in natural redness, whose plate is balanced, no limb is thin, no fat, no fat, no fat, no stomach has increased, The eyes are beautiful and shiny, the skin is soft and red. The lungs endure hard work and give deep sleep and comfort, with pure water (soda, lemon, wine, tea, and not syrup), whose thirst is settled, whose tongue does not hide on the churn-chutney, in whose nature Irritating is anger, no anger, no rashness, sadness or dullness, to say such a healthy person is the perfect accompaniment.

In the words of a nature lover, ‘Who denies the blue-green feathers of peacocks, the lion’s mane, the Longhorns covered with the reindeer, the wide shoulders of the bull, the chicken dance, wide wing of the serpent, the long whiskers of the sparrow are beautiful Could? All the beautiful male classes have been found in animals and birds. Where nature provided beauty to the male class, power was also given. Virtually man’s beauty lies in his power. Her beauty blossoms through her power. ‘

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